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2 min readJul 24, 2021


Time for a weekend story on a potential crypto gem with the potential for an autumn run into the end of the year. Electra Protocol is a great Gem to talk a look at. The Crypto symbol for those researching is XEP.

First to go over the great fundamental aspects from the whitepaper.

1. Fast Payment: XEP processes payments in 80 seconds this is even faster the credit cards in some cases and solves one of the bug crypto transactions issues is time to process as if you want to functionally pay in crypto no one wants to wait more than a few minutes to process payment to maintain the efficiency of service delivery existant in the current world.

2. Transaction fees at almost zero: this is great for transactions and useability. ETH transaction fees are crazy to use as payments as are most other cryptos, stable coins may be somewhat better and people may try to argue for credit cards but even they have processing fees for the merchants costing multiple dollars. If XEP can solve the fee concern for merchants and uses it can provide functional currency dynamics to be used as a real word mechanism of exchange which is great.

3. Network compatibility: XEP runs across multiple processing networks to include taproot and lighting networks.

4. Staking Rewards: XEP provides for staking at a 3% APR to encourage users to stay connected. This staking occurs within a user's wallet and rewards can accumulate in a 12-hour cycle.

5. Environmentally Friendly: XEP operates on a proof of stake network allowing for a lower carbon footprint.

6. Great and growing Meme community: XEP currently has a 63 galaxy score on LunarCrush showing a bullish pattern. It is highly active amongst users on Twitter and telegram for memes and discussion while still being an easily accessible coin. Having an interactive community will give it the ability to move fast when the mainstream starts to see it in action as that is one area many good fundamental coins lack in is the community to create the pumpametals to really grow and sustain value when good news comes out on coin utility execution.

7. Roadmap development: XEP provides a road map of planned developments and actually provides updates on progress. Some of the recent things include a mobile wallet and exchange listings. https://www.electraprotocol.com/roadmap/

XEP is interesting emerging crypto and one to watch as it develops. Great long-term meme growth and payment processing play as crypto payments become more mainstream especially in developing countries that need a way to create a stable currency system to enhance and improve their economies.

As always remember this is not financial advice and should not be taken as such this is simply one opinion and those interested should do their own research. More on XEP is available at https://t.co/vJbfe97nfA?amp=1.



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