The Graph #GRT curation starts soon and so do the fireworks.

First, let’s Dive into what Curation is. Curation is the decentralized collection and singling of data relevant to a potential query on the blockchain. The blockchain may be filled with great data, but having it relevant to a project ultimately makes it valuable. Curators signal when data has relevance so indexers can index the data and provide in response to queries. This plays a huge role as data gathering has limits and too much data can’t be processed so it needs to be refined and in the current world, this is done by centralized algorithms such as google search.

How does the Graph curation change the current ecosystem? The answer here is decentralization and self-policing of data accuracy vs algos controlling everything. Some may ask why this matter and say search is not broken; however many things can’t be done in a simple search engine and centralize algos often miss certain queries for important information if it cannot be monetized through ads as is often the case in what pops up at the top of most search nowadays.

Why do curated queries matter so much for new and developing technologies? This is the better question and the elephant in the room of why are technologies being build using platforms like The Graph have so much potential? The answer here is blockchain and data accuracy. The Graph is decentralized so queries are less controlled by biased algorithms that can miss important data analytics. The Graph is an essential tool for blockchain data to go mainstream and provides a solid backend solution to collect data in a methodology that maintains its authenticity.

With the statement on Query fees coming from posts by the graph leaders on June 10 the action is about to start and we are about to see what the graph can really do. Curation should also be starting soon this means real data in a cross-chain structure like never seen before. Data that can easily be quired and viewed for dApps. These two components are going to bring about a revolution in blockchain data and the dApp platforms built off of it. I have talked a lot about what could be the future of blockchain and will there may be some calm in the crypto ecosystem at the moment with the multi-memecoin takeover and #BTC being back down to prices not seen since January this is the calm before the storm for the ecosystem to really take off. By the way, most of these Memecoins are being launched off #ETH or #BSC which are both accessible through #GRT. Few are tracking this but what it means, in reality, is if meme queries increase then #GRT gets spent and some tokens are unlocking more value in the system. Slowly but surely it will start to rise.

While we may need some catalyst to get an all-inclusive alt season; #GRT should be able to soon show some strong movement and now maybe one of the best opportunities to accumulate and delegate if you are not already.

Remember this is not and should not be taken as financial advice. Have fun trading and always do your own research. Feel free to check out my other articles as you wish and follow me at @KBCryptoStocks.




Crypto investor, stock investor, business advisor. ; @KBCryptoStocks

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KB crypto

KB crypto

Crypto investor, stock investor, business advisor. ; @KBCryptoStocks

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